‘HEAR ME ROAR’ at the DCA Bridge Gallery in City Hall

May 2 – June 4

200 N. Spring St., 3rd Floor
Los Angeles, 
CA 90012 

Free and Open to the Public

‘Hear Me Roar’ presents a celebration and exploration of what it means to be an Asian American Pacific Islander woman – in all its many shapes & forms. Fifteen stories, as told by AAPI women from multiple generations and illustrated by local visual artists, will be on display at the DCA Bridge Gallery in Los Angeles City Hall. With these stories, the exhibit aims to encapsulate the diverse journeys and perspectives of AAPI women – discussing identity, culture, and feminism through the lens of the AAPI community. We take a look at the many ways these resilient women empower themselves and impact those around them, depicting how true strength can manifest in many different ways.

From the 3rd generation activists who joined the fight during the 1960s Civil Rights Movement to thriving creators who are following the beat of their own drum to mothers who are striving to give their children every opportunity – ‘Hear Me Roar’ brings together a myriad of voices and illustrates the nuances of the AAPI experience, especially in an age where AAPI representation is starting to break free of its stereotypical and discriminatory molds.

Stories By:
Artwork By:
Brian Yoon
Cassie Zhang
Eddy Lee
Josh Nocom
Patty Lin
Tevy Khou
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